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Commercial Insurance in Pennsylvania

Commercial insurance describes all of the different types of coverages your business needs to protect it against unforeseen events, such as a fire, theft, or the untimely death of a key partner. Your commercial insurance is better looked at as a portfolio than an individual insurance policy and can include such things as vehicle insurance for your delivery vans, insurance on the structure you own for your offices and business interruption insurance if your business is forced to close for a covered reason, such as a fire. A good business insurance portfolio also includes insurance required by local, Pennsylvania, and federal government, such as workman's compensation insurance. At the Sirover Agency LLC, we understand that each business is unique and needs different types of insurance policies within its commercial portfolio.

Why your business needs commercial insurance

No business should be without commercial insurance. Whether you are your company's sole employee, or you have dozens of employees, you can't anticipate and prepare for every eventuality that could affect your business. Like other types of insurance, commercial insurance protects your business from financial loss caused by unexpected events. This might include a customer falling and injuring themselves in your freshly mopped entryway, a vehicle accident that was your delivery driver's fault, or theft of your inventory after hours. You've invested your hopes, dreams, and money into your business. It's too valuable to be forced out of business because of something out of your control. Your family and your employees depend on you and your business to be there now and in the future.

To learn more about creating a commercial insurance portfolio for your Pennsylvania business, contact our experienced commercial team at (insert contact info). The Sirover Agency LLC has been helping Wayne, PA businesses like yours with their business insurance needs for more than 15 years.