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Home Insurance in Pennsylvania

Living in or around Wayne, PA are homeowners who are hardworking and have invested so much into their personal property. In order to fully protect their property and maintain financial protection from unforeseen damages, home insurance with The Sirover Agency LLC is what you need.

Home Insurance Requirements

In the state of Pennsylvania, you are not required to carry home or homeowner’s insurance on a property that you own outright and have no mortgages or liens on. Most banks and lenders, however, require home insurance before you can be financed for a home to protect both you and them until the loan has been paid. While it is not required, it is highly recommended because of the following protections that it can provide for you.

Liability Coverage

With lawsuits swarming the court systems for liability claims, having this protection even at your home is essential. If your pet bites a guest or they are harmed while on your property, you could be held responsible for any expenses and fees that occur as a result of the incident. Without liability coverage, you will still be held responsible and forced to cover these expenses out of your own pocket.

Comprehensive Coverage

Theft and vandalism are unfortunate but something that can happen in any community at any time. With home insurance, you can get assistance to cover any damages caused to your home or other structures during the attack. You are also eligible for assistance with replacing any items stolen.

Structural Property Protection

In the event of a tragedy such as an accidental fire or natural disaster, your home or other structures could suffer damage. Your home insurance policy will assist you with repairs and restoration.

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