Protecting your home from wind damage

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Tips for protecting your home from wind damage

Storms with high winds can cause a lot of damage. Below are a few basic tips that can help minimize any wind damage that your home or business suffers:

  • Keep all trees well-trimmed and free from dead branches – this can help any loose or dead branches from launching during a storm and causing damage to your home or other structures.
  • Carry an additional wind insurance policy when appropriate – some areas receive stronger winds than others. If you live in such a locale, carrying a separate wind protection policy is worth looking into.
  • Perform regular and thorough maintenance on your home and roof – loose tiles, gutters, or shutters can cause damage in much the same way that branches can. Keeping your home well-maintained is not just a smart idea, it is a large part of responsible home ownership.

These suggestions are easy to implement and can prevent future damage during the next wind storm. If you are uncertain if wind insurance is necessary for your situation, it makes sense to sit down with a local agent to receive guidance. Wind and rain can cause significant damage.

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