Life Insurance Statistics for 2023

At The Sirover Agency LLC, serving the greater Wayne, PA community, we understand that life insurance can seem complicated. However, it doesn’t have to be. Let’s take a look at the life insurance statistics for 2023. 

Who Has Life Insurance 

75% of Americans have some life insurance. Women are more likely than men not to have life insurance, with 22% of women and 11% of men without life insurance. 

Factors that Affect Premiums 

Many people are unaware that factors unrelated to health can affect their premiums. Only 35% were aware that their driving record can impact their premiums. 29% were aware that their credit history could be considered. 23% knew that bankruptcy can affect their premiums. 

Why People Get Life Insurance 

Most Americans see life insurance as a way to protect their family from outstanding debts. 64% of white Americans, compared to 37% of African Americans, agreed with this view.  

22% of African Americans and 8% of whites saw life insurance as a way to pass on generational wealth. 

Financial Security 

Less than half of those without life insurance feel financially secure, compared to 68% of those with life insurance. The number increases even more when considering those with a personal and employer life insurance policy, 78% of these individuals feel financially secure. 

The number of people who fear they don’t have enough life insurance has increased by more than two times since 2010. 

44% of households would have serious financial difficulties within six months if they lost their primary income. 28% would be in dire financial straits within one month. 

Get This Important Coverage Today

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