Why Renters Should Consider Adding Umbrella Insurance

If you’re renting a condo in Wayne, PA, or the surrounding areas and wondering whether to add umbrella insurance to your rental plan, let us help clarify things. Here at The Sirover Agency LLC, we understand that umbrella insurance might seem confusing. This type of insurance adds an extra layer of liability protection that goes beyond your standard renter’s insurance.

Why Umbrella Insurance is a Must for Renters

As a renter, you might wonder why you need such extensive coverage. Accidents and unforeseen occurrences are everyday aspects of life that affect homeowners and renters alike. Even though no one likes to think about the possibility of someone getting injured within their leased space, it’s still a risk. While your renter’s insurance does cover liability, it has certain limitations. Umbrella insurance steps in to cover those unforeseen excess costs that might surface.

The Value of Adding Umbrella Insurance to Your Coverage

Incorporating umbrella insurance into your coverage plan grants you peace of mind by shielding your savings, property, and future earnings against claims exceeding your primary insurance limits. It’s a cost-effective way to guarantee comprehensive protection, especially considering the formidable costs of lawsuits and legal damages.

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At The Sirover Agency LLC, we take pride in our intimate understanding of the specific insurance needs of our clients in Wayne, PA, and neighboring communities. If you’re currently renting, we strongly advocate for considering the addition of umbrella insurance to your coverage. Our experienced team is here to help you explore your options and secure the comprehensive protection you deserve. Contact us today to discuss how we can support your insurance needs and provide you with the peace of mind you seek.

Traits of Umbrella Insurance That Should Benefit Your Business

With the help of The Sirover Agency LLC, you can find strong umbrella insurance policies that will protect your Wayne, PA, company. There are many reasons why umbrella protection is so important, and the following factors and features all impact its usefulness.

Extra Liability Support

Umbrella policies are essentially an extra level of liability protection designed to kick in when your normal policy fails. For example, if you get sued for an amount beyond what your normal business liability covers, umbrella coverage kicks in to ensure you get the help you need.

Diverse Coverage Options 

It’s fairly easy to pick from a broad range of umbrella policy options, as they’re often very diverse and suited to specific needs. For example, they can cover liability issues caused by a broad range of problems. They provide the high-quality support that your business needs, no matter what issues affect you. 

High Payout 

The best thing about umbrella policies is that they provide a high payout rate, meaning you can cover very large lawsuits and liability issues. JThey can provide that payout based on your needs and will adjust based on your support.

Adjustable Policy Options 

Lastly, many umbrella insurance policies provide a unique and highly adjustable range of coverage options. For example, many companies can give line-by-line coverage that provides a highly personalized and unique range of protection.

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At The Sirover Agency LLC, we can help businesses in Wayne, PA, find the umbrella insurance that suits their needs. Please get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help you and find a policy that suits your specific needs and keeps you safe from severe lawsuits.

How Umbrella Coverage Works to Protect You from Lawsuits

If you’ve ever been threatened with a lawsuit due to an accident on your Wayne, PA property, you understand the importance of umbrella insurance coverage. Umbrella insurance offers extra liability protection against injuries or property damage to others in the home or in auto accidents that are your fault. It also protects you from lawsuits that may arise from these accidents by covering legal and settlement costs.

You can obtain umbrella insurance coverage at The Sirover Agency LLC.   

How Umbrella Insurance Works  

If you’re responsible for an auto or home accident that causes injury or property damage to others, you’re expected to pay for their medical or property damage costs. These expenses are generally covered by your home or auto liability insurance. If these costs extend beyond the limits of your liability coverage, umbrella insurance will help pay the remaining costs. This saves you from having to pay these expenses out of your own pocket. If you’re sued for damages, umbrella insurance helps cover your legal expenses and the cost of the settlement to save you from financial loss.

Umbrella coverage starts when the limits of your home or auto insurance have been exhausted. Let’s say, for example, that you’re sued for an auto accident that causes serious injury to another driver and the settlement is $500,000. Your auto liability coverage will cover your legal expenses and judgment up to the limits of your policy. If your auto liability limits are $200,000, umbrella insurance will pay the remaining $300,000 minus your deductible.  

In addition to injury and property damage cases, umbrella insurance can protect you from lawsuits related to slander, defamation of character, libel, and invasion of privacy.

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Is Umbrella Insurance A Viable Risk Reduction for You?

Umbrella Insurance is all about reducing your company’s risk in the event of specific events to add increased protection for your business. The Sirover Agency LLC serves the Wayne, PA regional area with quality insurance services. We want to help you to have the individualized coverage that you need for peace of mind in good times and protection in those rainy times. 

Is Umbrella Insurance Worth It?

Yes, umbrella insurance is worth it when it comes to providing further protection for your company and reducing or even negating specific risks. 

To understand why umbrella insurance is valuable think of your current commercial insurance policy. It likely covers your basic insurance needs and protects you and any employees in case of an emergency. Often though when it comes down to numbers, it is difficult to fully protect every possible situation within a unique business without a more individualized umbrella policy.

An umbrella policy may increase the amount of coverage for a situation where the initial numbers simply do not suit the needs of your company. An umbrella policy is useful outside commercial policies as well. For example, if you have a collection of something that has more value than your basic home insurance policy covers, then an umbrella policy may be a good idea for fuller protection. 

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Contact us at The Sirover Agency LLC if you own your own business or have a unique vehicle or home situation that may require an additional umbrella in or around Wayne, PA. We will be happy to answer any questions you have about your unique policy needs. 

What umbrella insurance covers

Most people know that they need insurance to protect themselves and their families in case of an unexpected event, such as an accident or a death. But many people don’t realize that there are different types of insurance policies available, each one designed to protect you in a different way. One such policy is called umbrella insurance. The Sirover Agency LLC in Wayne, PA can assist you with obtaining this policy. 

What is umbrella insurance and what does it cover?

Umbrella insurance is a type of coverage that goes beyond the limits of your regular homeowners or automobile policy. It provides additional protection in the event that you are sued for more money than your other policies cover. For example, if you are involved in a car accident and the other driver sues you for $1 million, and your automobile policy only has a limit of $500,000, your umbrella policy would kick in and provide the additional coverage needed.

Are there any exclusions to umbrella insurance policies?

Yes, there are a few exclusions to umbrella insurance policies. Generally, umbrella policies do not cover intentional acts, such as arson or assault. They also do not cover losses that occur outside of the United States.

What are the benefits of having an umbrella policy?

The benefits of having an umbrella policy are that it can provide you with much-needed coverage in the event that you are sued for more money than your other policies cover. It can also help to protect your assets, such as your home and your car, in the event that you are found liable for a serious accident.

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How Much Umbrella Insurance Do I Need?

How much umbrella insurance do you need? This is a question that a lot of people are asking these days. The answer, of course, depends on several factors. Umbrella insurance can provide peace of mind in case something happens and you are sued. We’ll discuss some key things to consider when determining how much umbrella insurance you need. 

Umbrella Insurance: How Much Do You Need?

You Have Assets to Protect

You have a lot to lose if you’re ever sued. If you don’t have umbrella insurance and are found liable for an accident, the court could order you to pay damages exceeding your auto or homeowners insurance policy limits. The Sirover Agency LLC in Wayne, PA can help you choose the right amount of umbrella insurance to protect your assets.

You Have a High-Risk Job Or Hobby

If you have a job or hobby that puts you at greater risk of being sued, you may need umbrella insurance. For example, if you’re a doctor or lawyer, you may be more likely to be sued for professional malpractice. If you’re an investment banker or stockbroker, you may be more likely to be sued for financial losses that your clients suffer. If you’re a celebrity or public figure, you may be more likely to be sued for libel or slander.

You Have a Lot of Visitors to Your Home

If you entertain guests frequently at your home, you may want to consider umbrella insurance. If a guest is injured on your property, you could be held liable. Umbrella insurance can help protect you from having to pay damages out of your own pocket.

You Live in a High-Risk Area

If you live in an area that’s prone to natural disasters, such as hurricanes or earthquakes, you may need umbrella insurance to protect your home and belongings from damage. Umbrella insurance can also help if you’re sued for damages caused by a natural disaster.

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The amount of umbrella insurance you need depends on your individual circumstances. The Sirover Agency LLC in Wayne, PA can help you determine the right amount of coverage for your needs. Give us a call today to learn more.

Basic Umbrella Insurance Facts To Remember

The Sirover Agency LLC assists Wayne, PA residents. We strive to help our clients obtain policies that align with their needs. We are an independent insurance agency. Working with different carriers in the region allows us to offer various types of coverage. We are confident that we can help you regardless of your individual situation.

Basic Umbrella Insurance Facts To Remember

Life is full of unpredictable moments. While some accidents are minor, others can have serious consequences. Umbrella insurance can help you protect your assets in emergencies. Umbrella insurance acts as a safety net once you have reached your liability limits. Umbrella insurance acts typically as supplemental coverage for home or auto insurance policies. Perhaps you are throwing a party at your Wayne, PA residence, and you allow guests to use your swimming pool. Suddenly, one of your guests hits their head as they get out of the pool. You may be held liable for their injuries. If they need extensive medical treatment, it’s possible that your liability coverage isn’t enough—Umbrella insurance steps in to ensure that your assets remain protected. Perhaps you are driving a high-end vehicle with horsepower. You take your eye off the road and cause a high-impact collision, injuring someone. If you are held responsible for serious bodily injuries, umbrella insurance steps in to protect your assets.

If you are a business owner, you can rely on umbrella insurance to protect your investment. Maybe one of your customers was seriously injured using your product. Perhaps you are dealing with an issue in the workplace. Umbrella insurance provides a layer of protection.

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Pennsylvania Umbrella Insurance – Can You Get A Discount Through Umbrella Coverage?

We’ve all been there, haven’t we?  You get an invoice for your monthly auto insurance premium from one company, and then you get an invoice for your monthly home insurance premium from another company.  It’s still not over though as the next day, you get another invoice for your monthly life insurance premium from yet another company!  So that’s three different companies that you have to keep tabs on and to send your hard-earned money to once a month.  Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to just cut one check a month to handle all of your insurance coverage?  It’s not a dream to achieve this these days as you can have one insurance company handle all insurance bundled under umbrella insurance coverage.  The Sirover Agency LLC in Wayne, PA handles umbrella insurance coverage and other services.

Umbrella Insurance Discount

The big plus in getting umbrella coverage is that you get a small discount for each individual policy bundled under the coverage.  Instead of paying top dollar to individual insurance companies for those policies, you can save on those policies by employing them under one umbrella insurance coverage.  You should select an insurance company with a good track record, perhaps it’s an insurance company that you’re already doing business with.  The small discounts that you receive from each policy under the umbrella may seem small on a monthly basis, but expand on those numbers for a year or two.  Then, you’ll see the real savings over an extended period of time which can add up to thousands!

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Who Needs Umbrella Insurance in Wayne, PA?

If you have a boat, auto, or home insurance policy in Wayne, PA, you may not understand when someone says you need umbrella insurance. However, like many things, your insurance isn’t perfect — it has limitations and exclusions. As such, you may need umbrella insurance from The Sirover Agency LLC to boost your conventional policies. 

What is umbrella insurance?

In simple terms, an umbrella insurance policy is an additional layer of liability insurance. It extends beyond the limit of your other standard insurance like home and auto insurance. It intends to pick up where other coverages leave off to protect your assets. It also provides coverage for claims excluded by your other liability policies like libel, slander, and false arrest.

Ultimately, umbrella insurance covers the below when accused by third parties: 

  • Bodily injury liability 
  • Property damage liability 
  • Personal liabilities
  • Legal costs

As you can see, umbrella insurance is the perfect coverage to have when facing storms. But does everyone need umbrella insurance? Let’s find out.

Who needs umbrella insurance?

There is a popular myth that umbrella insurance is for the rich and famous only. This notion isn’t entirely accurate. Umbrella insurance suits many people, from the modest, super-rich and anyone in between. Generally, you may need umbrella insurance if:

You have significant assets

Litigations can wipe your hard-earned assets when your typical insurance runs out. However, umbrella insurance can protect your assets even when the limits of your standard coverages are exhausted.

You own a business

Businesses operate in a risky environment. One such significant risk is lawsuits. Legal suits emanating from employees, customers, suppliers, and other parties can be substantial, wiping your business finances. 

You participate in risky hobbies

Do you participate in skiing, hunting, or surfing? When you take part in these hobbies, there are chances you can harm other people. Since the arising third-party costs can be significant, you need umbrella insurance for optimal protection. 

Umbrella insurance in Wayne, PA

The list above isn’t exhaustive — there are tons of other reasons you need umbrella insurance. To learn more about umbrella insurance, please get in touch with The Sirover Agency LLC for more information.

4 Areas Where Umbrella Insurance Can Be A Real Asset

The Sirover Agency LLC serves the Wayne, PA community by offering residents multiple types of policies. We want to make sure that our clients are covered for whatever issues life may bring their way. We understand that your life may evolve, so your insurance needs will change. That’s why we are prepared to help you through every stage of your life. We proudly serve as an independent insurance agency.

Where is Umbrella Insurance an Asset?

Umbrella insurance offers a layer of protection in the event of a serious emergency. Accidents can happen at any time. However, it’s important to have a plan in place. Umbrella insurance covers you if you are involved in a serious liability dispute. Here is a look at four specific situations where umbrella insurance can assist you.

Your Home

Umbrella insurance can protect you if someone gets injured while visiting your Wayne, PA home. The policy also protects you if you cause serious damage to your neighbor’s property. If you have a pet, umbrella insurance will protect you if your pet injures someone. Umbrella insurance provides an extra layer of protection besides your existing liability coverage so that you can defend yourself against the charges.

Accidental Collision

Umbrella insurance covers you if your vehicle causes damage to someone else’s property.


If you work as a professional advisor, you face certain risks. You may be accused of slander if one of your tips turns out to be detrimental. Umbrella insurance will help you cover the allegations.

Hosting a Party

If you are hosting a party, umbrella insurance can prevent you from being held liable if one of the attendees causes damage.

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