Three special features your auto insurance policy should include

Special auto insurance features can really come in handy if you get into an accident. Motorists in Wayne, PA can enjoy auto insurance with a variety of special coverage features. Let us meet your auto insurance needs at The Sirover Agency LLC. 

The following are three special features your auto insurance policy should include:

Roadside assistance

With roadside assistance, a tow truck will come to your vehicle if you get in an accident out on the road. You can get your vehicle towed to the nearest repair shop thanks to this special auto insurance policy feature. 

Rental vehicle coverage

Motorists who get in a bad accident might need to leave their vehicle with a mechanic for an extended period of time so repairs can be performed. With rental vehicle coverage, your insurance provider will pay for you to rent a vehicle in the meantime so that you have transportation. 

Gap insurance

Gap insurance is a type of auto insurance coverage that is beneficial for motorists who are still paying off their car loans. If you owe money on your car and it gets totaled, you might end up having to continue making payments on a car that you can’t drive anymore. This happens when the market value of a vehicle is below the owner’s car loan balance.

Gap insurance will compensate you for the difference between the value of your vehicle and the amount you owe on your vehicle so that you can completely pay off your auto loan after a total loss. 

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