Do I Need Full Coverage Car Insurance?

Full coverage car insurance, also known as collision and comprehensive coverage, provides full protection for your vehicle. At The Sirover Agency LLC in Wayne, PA, we offer full coverage car insurance.

What is Full Coverage Insurance?

Full coverage insurance will cover damage to your vehicle if an accident is ruled your fault or no fault. Liability coverage, however, covers damage to other vehicles if an accident is your fault.

Full coverage has two parts. The first and most well-known is collision insurance, which covers your vehicle if it’s damaged in an accident while you’re driving.

Comprehensive coverage covers damage that occurs while your vehicle is not moving, including vandalism and theft. For example, comprehensive coverage will cover the repairs if someone breaks a car window and ruins your paint job.

Am I Required to Have Full Coverage?

First, you’ll need to know if you are required to have full coverage insurance. If you have a loan or lien on your vehicle, the lender will typically require you to have full coverage insurance.

If you don’t have a loan on the vehicle, you aren’t required to have full coverage. Legally, you are required to have liability insurance in Pennsylvania, but you aren’t required by law to have full coverage.

Can I Afford to Replace or Repair My Vehicle?

The next question you should ask yourself is whether you can afford to repair or replace your damaged vehicle. Full coverage insurance is good if you can’t afford to replace the vehicle.

Full Coverage Car Insurance at The Sirover Agency LLC

If you are looking for car insurance in Wayne, PA, contact The Sirover Agency LLC. Our knowledgeable agents are here to help you select the best policy for your unique needs.

Behind the Wheel in Wayne, PA: A Guide to Understanding Your Auto Insurance

Why Prioritize Auto Insurance?

As a driver in Wayne, PA, obtaining an auto insurance policy is a legal obligation and a source of peace of mind. At The Sirover Agency LLC, we guide you in understanding the facets of an insurance policy and why you need more coverage than state minimum requirements.

Understanding State Minimums

Your auto policy in Wayne, PA, at the very least, must conform to the state’s minimum coverage parameters, which include:

  • Bodily Injury Liability Coverage
  • Property Damage Coverage

On top of these, there’s no harm in adding more coverage to buffer you against expensive out-of-pocket costs in case of an accident.

The Advantage of Additional Coverages

Adding additional coverages to your auto insurance allows you to stay protected against a broader range of unexpected incidents, including:

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist

This coverage comes in handy if you’re involved in an accident with someone without insurance coverage.

Collision Insurance

This policy ensures protection during various collisions, whether with a guardrail, parked car, or another obstacle.

Comprehensive Coverage

This plan guarantees cover for damages during off-road incidents such as storm damage, burglary, falling objects, and even animal hazards.

Rental Coverage

This aspect of your policy will cover costs for a rental car if your vehicle is undergoing repairs following an accident.

Work With The Sirover Agency LLC for Optimal Auto Insurance

While adding non-obligatory coverages might increase your premium, it will save you more in the long run, especially if you figure in an accident or if your vehicle sustains damage. Reach out to us at The Sirover Agency LLC today to help you customize an auto insurance policy that meets your precise needs and remains cost-effective. Let our experts get you a no-obligation quote.

The Role Uninsured Motorist Coverage Plays in Auto Insurance

There are a lot of different types of coverage when it comes to auto insurance. For any professional serving a client base in the insurance industry, education is key. Our team at Sirover Agency LLC in Wayne, PA will help you understand the various insurance coverages so that we can position you for safety and protection.

One such unique coverage is uninsured motorist coverage. Understanding this coverage option is critical to be sure you have adequate limits and sufficient protection so that if the unthinkable happens, you’re in good shape to be made whole again.

The Role Uninsured Motorist Coverage Plays in Auto Insurance

The whole concept of uninsured motorist coverage is that it provides you coverage when the other individual at fault in an accident has none. When you look at your auto insurance policy, you may see uninsured motorist coverage with specific limits in play. If you end up hurt or your car ends up with damage, the other driver could be at fault. In these cases, the coverage will kick in to pay the costs. The coverage you will receive will be up to the limit that you see within your policy.

Review for Uninsured Motorist Coverage

You want to stay on top of your auto insurance policy. You need to see whether or not you have this coverage in your policy and the impact that it can have on your life in the event an uninsured motorist ends up at fault in an accident involving you.

Consult With Us

Work with our team at The Sirover Agency LLC serving Wayne, PA. We will help you understand the coverages you have and what you need to do to be sure you’re confident and comfortable in your auto insurance decision-making.

Three special features your auto insurance policy should include

Special auto insurance features can really come in handy if you get into an accident. Motorists in Wayne, PA can enjoy auto insurance with a variety of special coverage features. Let us meet your auto insurance needs at The Sirover Agency LLC. 

The following are three special features your auto insurance policy should include:

Roadside assistance

With roadside assistance, a tow truck will come to your vehicle if you get in an accident out on the road. You can get your vehicle towed to the nearest repair shop thanks to this special auto insurance policy feature. 

Rental vehicle coverage

Motorists who get in a bad accident might need to leave their vehicle with a mechanic for an extended period of time so repairs can be performed. With rental vehicle coverage, your insurance provider will pay for you to rent a vehicle in the meantime so that you have transportation. 

Gap insurance

Gap insurance is a type of auto insurance coverage that is beneficial for motorists who are still paying off their car loans. If you owe money on your car and it gets totaled, you might end up having to continue making payments on a car that you can’t drive anymore. This happens when the market value of a vehicle is below the owner’s car loan balance.

Gap insurance will compensate you for the difference between the value of your vehicle and the amount you owe on your vehicle so that you can completely pay off your auto loan after a total loss. 

Looking for Auto Insurance?

If you’d like to learn more about special auto insurance features, call us today at The Sirover Agency LLC. We’ll be happy to answer all your questions about insurance options in Wayne, PA. Call us or visit our website to learn more about our company!

How to Minimize the Chances of an Accident When Driving on Wet Roads

At The Sirover Agency LLC, providing residents in the greater Wayne, PA region with insurance products, we have seen many accidents happen because of the rain. Roads get slick, and people are more likely to be involved in an accident. As such, we want to share a few tips with you on ways you can minimize the chances of being in an accident when roads are slick.

Here are three of those tips:

Slow Down and Avoid Following Too Closely

One of the best ways to minimize the chances of an accident when driving on wet roads is to slow down and avoid following other vehicles too closely. Speed and wet roads do not mix, nor do wet roads and following another vehicle too closely. Always slow down in the rain and give yourself more space than you normally would when you are behind other vehicles. 

Properly Maintain Your Tires

Another tip to help minimize the chances of an accident when you are driving on wet roads is to properly maintain your tires. If your tires are not properly inflated or do not have enough tread, you greatly decrease your tires’ ability to grip the road, which can lead to sliding on wet roads. 

Avoid Slamming on Your Brakes

Lastly, try to avoid slamming on your brakes when roads are wet, slick or icy. Try to remove your foot from the gas and allow your car to naturally slow as much as possible to help reduce the chances of your car sliding or fishtailing on wet or icy roads. 

Get Auto Insurance

While you can minimize your chances of being in an accident, you cannot prevent every accident. This is why having enough auto insurance to cover you, your car and any damage you cause to another vehicle or person, is important. At The Sirover Agency LLC, providing auto insurance in the Wayne, PA region, we can help you get the best insurance policy for your needs. Call us now to learn more. 

Auto insurance features you should consider

The Sirover Agency LLC is proud to serve our friends and neighbors in the greater Wayne, PA area. If you have questions about auto insurance, we are here to help! Give us a call, or stop by our office to find out more about the auto policy options available in our area. 

Consider these great features when renewing your auto insurance

Auto insurance can provide policyholders with a lot more than just accident coverage. If it’s time for you to renew your policy, it makes sense to consider upgrading to add the following features:

  • Roadside assistance – when you have this feature, a car breakdown can be a less stressful experience for you. You’ll know that the tow truck sent to pick up your car and the repair shop that they take it to are both a part of your insurance carrier’s approved network. This can help you avoid a complicated claims process. 
  • Declining premiums – safe drivers love this feature! Choosing a policy that reduces your premiums after periods of claim-free driving is a great way to reward yourself for safe and sound driving!
  • Car rental coverage – if you rely on your vehicle for transportation to and from work, you’ll need to rent a car if yours is in the shop due to a covered event. This feature can make the stress of being in an accident a little less overwhelming. Depending on the policy, all of your car rental expenses could be fully reimbursed. 

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Wayne, PA area residents can rely on the folks at The Sirover Agency LLC for all of their insurance needs. If it’s time to renew or upgrade your auto policy, let us help. Contact our office today to find out more.

The Basics of Auto Insurance Coverage

No one likes to think about car accidents. But the truth is, they can happen to anyone at any time. That’s why it’s so important to have auto insurance. Auto insurance can help cover the costs of repairs or medical bills in an accident. But with so many different types of coverage available, it can be difficult to know what you need.

The Sirover Agency LLC in Wayne, PA  provides this guide on the basics of auto insurance coverage and help you understand what you need to protect yourself and your vehicle.

Types of Auto Insurance

There are many different types of auto insurance coverage available. The most common type of coverage is liability insurance. This type of insurance will help cover the costs of damages you may cause to another person or vehicle in an accident. It is important to note that liability insurance does not cover the costs of repairs to your own vehicle. Other types of auto insurance coverage include collision insurance and comprehensive.


Another important aspect of auto insurance coverage is the deductible. A deductible can be defined as the amount of money that you are responsible for paying in the event of an accident or other covered event. Your insurance company will typically determine the amount of your deductible, but you may have some control over it. For example, you may be able to choose a higher deductible in exchange for a lower premium.

Coverage Limits

Another important thing to remember when it comes to auto insurance coverage is the coverage limit. This is the maximum amount of money your insurance company will pay out in an accident or other covered event. It is important to ensure that your coverage limit is high enough to cover the cost of any damage that may occur.

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Auto insurance is an important way to protect yourself and your vehicle. There are many different types of coverage available, and it is important to understand what you need. The Sirover Agency LLC in Wayne, PA can help you find the right auto insurance policy for your needs. Contact us today to learn more.

Several Ways That Drivers Can Modify Their Auto Insurance Policies

The Sirover Agency LLC is an independent agency. We offer coverage to Wayne, PA residents. We understand that our clients’ needs are constantly changing. We work to help them find policies that will adapt to any situation. We work with several carriers throughout the state. We are able to offer our clients multiple options so that they can make a decision that suits their needs. We will sit down with you and help you figure out which policies make both now and going forward into the future.

Several Ways That Drivers Can Modify Their Auto Insurance Policies

Auto insurance helps you stay covered as you travel around Wayne, PA and beyond. Operating a vehicle can be dangerous at times due to variables that you can’t control. Think about the road conditions. If you are driving on slick pavement, an accident can occur. Collision coverage protects you if your vehicle is damaged due to an impact with another driver. If you are ruled to be at fault for the accident, liability coverage is a safety net. You can rely on liability coverage if your vehicle is responsible for accidentally hurting someone or damaging property. Comprehensive coverage protects you if your vehicle is vandalized or stolen.

If you plan to modify your insurance policy to add extra coverage, you have several options. Personal injury protection covers any injuries that you sustain in an auto accident. You can also add uninsured motorist coverage to protect you if your vehicle is damaged by someone who doesn’t have insurance.  If you have customized your vehicle, you can add custom parts coverage. This policy protects your vehicle if the custom parts are stolen.

The Sirover Agency LLC Will Help You Cover Your Assets

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Mistakes to Avoid When Getting Auto Insurance

If you regularly drive to work or love traveling within Wayne, PA, getting auto insurance will be the smart thing to do. An auto policy protects you against liability claims when you cause injury and property harm to other parties while also allowing you to protect yourself and your passengers. Unfortunately, numerous policyholders will occasionally make mistakes when getting their cover, lowering its benefits. The Sirover Agency LLC discusses mistakes to avoid when getting auto insurance.

Purchasing the Bare Minimum

Every state has its own set of policies that drivers are required to adhere to, failure of which could lead to license revocation. To avoid this, numerous drivers purchase these policies but forget to sign up for additional coverage. While state-mandated cover will help you take care of other parties’ expenses, you also need to get coverage to protect yourself, your family, and your passengers from bodily harm and damage to your vehicle. Due to this, consider getting optional coverage.

Failure to Understand Your Policy

Different policies protect you from various risks while also placing exclusions on other perils. An example of this is comprehensive auto insurance that covers non-collision accidents with attention to hazards such as fires, theft, and vandalism. Unfortunately, this type of policy will limit perils such as earthquake damage, requiring you to pay out-of-pocket for the expenses incurred or have additional coverage. With this in mind, research what your policy covers before purchasing it.

Failure to Disclose Relevant Information

Numerous first-time policyholders will often fail to disclose various information when getting their insurance in the hope of getting favorable coverage. This comes with its downfall since different policies prove helpful when relevant information such as teenage drivers is disclosed. This may result in reduced compensation or cause you to lose out on your policy benefits entirely. Ensure that you write down the age of your drivers and the purpose that your vehicle will be used for.

Whether you need to renew your policy or need first-time coverage within Wayne, PA, consider reaching out to The Sirover Agency LLC today. Our agents will provide tailor-made auto policies for your traveling needs. 

What Does Auto Insurance Cover?

Auto insurance is one of the mandatory coverage that residents within Wayne, PA are required to have upon purchasing a vehicle. While numerous policyholders understand the basic coverage features, not all are aware of such information, especially if you are a first-time policy seeker. The Sirover Agency LLC can help with this, with the following guide detailing what auto insurance covers.

Property Damage Liability

The first item covered by auto insurance is property damage liability. If you are found liable for an accident that results in the other party’s destruction of property, auto coverage will help you take care of the repair and replacement costs. This can be damage to vehicles or other 3rd party property such as buildings.

Bodily Injury Liability

Auto coverage will also help you pay for bodily harm that you cause during an accident. Bodily injury liability kicks in when other parties incur treatment costs, with this cover ensuring that such expenses are taken care of.

Medical Payments

Accidents will often leave you with injuries to cater to, an aspect that could lead to significant medical expenses. Auto insurance provides medical payments coverage, a policy that provides compensation for the costs of injuries. This policy also covers your passengers, helping them pay for their treatment expenses when they get injured.

Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Expenses

When an uninsured motorist hits you, and you get bodily harm, or your vehicle gets damaged, uninsured motorist coverage helps you pay the ensuing costs. Underinsured coverage comes in handy when you get into an accident with a motorist whose coverage is not enough to cover your costs of medical expenses and property damage costs.

Collisions and Non-Collision Incidences

Collisions are also covered by auto insurance, with collision coverage coming in handy when you encounter impact accidents. Non-collision accidents are also covered by auto insurance, with a comprehensive policy helping you take care of emergencies related to fire, hail, theft, and vandalism.

If you need coverage designed to take care of your injuries or damage to 3rd party property during your Wayne PA drives, auto coverage will be your go-to. Call The Sirover Agency LLC today to purchase auto insurance.