Does Home Insurance Cover Stolen Items?

At The Sirover Agency LLC, we are here for the good times in your home and the hard times, including when your valuable belongings have been stolen. If your Wayne PA home has recently experienced a break-in, burglary, or other theft, the last thing you might want to think about is your home insurance policy.

Still, during this time, having some coverage to help you replace the items can help you move forward from this difficult life event. While it can be scary and unsettling to go through any kind of theft in your own home, our home insurance policies might be able to help make them feel a little less overwhelming.

Does home insurance cover stolen items?

While every policy is different, most home insurance policies do cover some stolen items. Depending on the specific terms of your home insurance policy, you may be able to cover expensive items that have been stolen, such as high-value collectibles or pricey electronics.

If the burglary or theft did not occur at home, then your home insurance policy may not be able to cover replacing the stolen items. Your home insurance policy provider may also place limits on the types of items that they cover or the amount that they will put toward replacing stolen items.

Before committing to an insurance policy, it is important to go over all of the terms of the policy, including terms and limits around replacing stolen items. If you know that you have an item that is highly valuable and therefore desirable to thieves, it could be helpful to discuss what might happen if it were stolen under your home insurance. 

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